Christina ......

 Hi! My name is Christina and I have been on the alkaline water since the end of January 2010. 

I had severe migraine headaches and after only one month, I am happy to report they are gone! I also suffered from carpal tunnel and I don’t have any more pain there either! My energy level is through the roof and I thank God every day for this water! 

Also, many thanks to Dr. Herb who made this all possible! Give this water a try. It WILL change your life. 



Eric Wright ......

 I am 41 years old. I was sick for about a year. The doctors were treating me for stomach problems.

Nothing was working. I was losing weight. More tests revealed that I had pancreatic cancer. Three tumors measured 3.74 millimeters. I was given little home from the doctors at Duke Hospital.

I have been drinking Kangen water now since 2009. The last tests at Duke showed that my tumors had shrunk to .71 millimeters.Duke now tells me to keep doing what I am now doing

I now eat more alkaline foods. I do not drink any soft drinks . . . . only Kangen water.Kangen water has made me feel much better and I am now working 3 days a week. Kangen water has changed my life.

Eric Wright


Rev. William Grindstaff....

I am an 85 year old retired minister.

 Over the last 22 years I have had 2 heart attacks and bypass surgery. I was also diagnosed with diabetes and congestive heart failure and asthma.

My doctors have had me on several blood pressure medicines, insulin shots for the diabetes and Lasix for fluid retention.

I started drinking Kangen water about three months ago. During these first three months, I have lowered my insulin dosage, been able to stop taking all but one (out of three) blood pressure medication and stopped taking the Lasix and my asthma has been a lot better.

Drinking the Kangen water is the only change I have made in the last three months. This has been a blessing for me.

Rev. William Grindstaff 



Shortly after losing my husband, I found myself fearing a knee replacement. Being a nurse for over 37 years, I’d seen far too many cases of knee replacements and I knew this was where this was headed. 

In addition to the knee pain, I had suffered for about 20 years with swelling of my feet. Once I made the change and switched to alkaline water, the pain in my knee decreased and the swelling of my feed subsided! 

Ultimately, I gave God the glory for my healing and believe He leads us to things like water to help us out. In addition to the benefits of the water for my knee and feet, I’ve noticed an amazing increase in my energy level.



David Smith

 I started taking Essiac one month after I was diagnosed with pancreas and liver cancer. 

I was told I was one of the worse cases they had seen. I had 165,000 cancer cells, after six months of drinking Essiac and alkaline water my cell count was down to 505. I just Thank God for Essiac and Alkaline water.

David Smith, Lenoir 


Jim Grayson

I am a 32 year old male. In 1995 I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), I began losing control of motions in my legs. It progressively got worse to where I found myself in a wheel chair.

I started drinking Kangen water in May of 2008 for a few months. I noticed immediate improvement in how I felt and in my mobility. I didn’t buy a machine and stopped drinking the Kangen water. By the first of 2008 my symptoms were getting worse. There were no good days.

I called my distributor and asked for more water. He said he would give me more water but that I really needed my own SD501 machine so that I could drink the Kangen water as he explained. I purchased my SD501 in February of 2009. Within 4 weeks I was feeling much better. I had more energy and was able to get up from my wheelchair. I started walking again. I even walked into a Kangen water meeting without a cane.

Drinking Kangen water gives me more energy, better mobility and a much better attitude even with MS.

Jim Grayson 

More Testimonials


Garland Watts ........


In 2007 I had to have the left side of my neck operated on for closed up artery.  In less than one week, the area set up Staph Infection caused by Doctor Locke, at Glenn R. Frye Hospital.  My family doctor was Gregory Brooks at Goodman & Brooks Family Center.  I went to Brooks and told him what had happened.  I  had started getting extremely sick.  It spread up into my head and down through my stomach.  I thought many many times I was going to die.  In a period of 2 1/2 years.  I was sent to 6 different specialist and was in and out of the hospital many times.  Not one of the specialist nor my family doctor would try to treat this infection for me nor would they talk to me about it.  They were afraid of being sued but I never sued no one.  I was only trying to get better, but no help came from any doctor I went to.  I had ran out of options.  I was in very bad health and thought I was going to die for sure. 

I was feeling sick all over and my bowels had almost stopped working.  I didn't know what to do.  A friend of mine told me about Dr. Herb Cole and some purified water he had at his health food store.  At first I did not believe this at all.  So I told my friend Steve Reece, that  iwas willing to try anythign that may help me.  So Steve took me up to Herb.  I told him what I was going through.  He said to me can you drink alot of water.  I told him I didn't drink much water but I was willing to drink all I could.  So I started drinking a gallon a day.  In two days my bowels started working normal, my stomach stopped hurting..... IT BLEW MY MIND!  I could not believe this.  So I thought even if it don't help the Staph Infection, it was working a miracle for my stomach.  So I kept drinking as much as I possibly could each day I was feeling better and better. 

In 3 weeks time I was feeling 80% better than I had. I got my strenght back and got through a normal day doing whatever I wanted to do.  In one month's time I could barely tell the Staph was still in me.  To me this was a true blessing from God.  I gave my friend Steve thanks for what happend and Herb for knowing what to do, but most of all God Almight himself.  I truely believe if not for God this could not have happened.  This is May 12th 2009.  I am doing very well now and still drining as much water a day as I can.  This is a true story and I can prove it by many people.  They were amazed too.  

                                                                                                                     ~ Garland Watts