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Largest Natural Food Store in the Area

“We provide a great selection of natural organic foods and supplements for a healthier lifestyle”

Full Supply of Vitamins and Supplements


Variety of Low Priced Organically Grown Produce


Healthy Snacks 


Gluten Free and Dairy Free Products


All Natural Organic Pet Food and Products


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Alkaline Water by the Gallon


Why Vitamins? Why Natural Medicine?

60 Essential Minerals

There are at least 90 essential nutrients that your body must have every day to stay healthy and reach maximum longevity.

Americans are Mineral Deficient

99% of all Americans are deficient in some of these essential minerals and deficiency of all of them will actually result in disease and shortened life span.

Lacking vitamins the body can make some use of minerals but lacking minerals, vitamins are useless.

Supplementation is the Only Way

Plants cannot manufacture minerals. According to documents, these minerals are not in our soils, so therefore, cannot be in our foods. The only way to get them is to supplement.


 Shannon Austin is

Company’s History:

Dr. Herb started his own Natural Food Store in a smaller building across the street in 1979, then in 1993, we expanded and moved to the current location.

He also opened another store named “Natures Goodness (on Hwy 127)” in 1980. 

Dr. Herb passed away in September 2017.  The store remains in the family with his wife, Dawn Cole and their 2 kids, Randal Cole and Cynthia McNeill.

The store is being managed and run by his niece, Shannon Austin and Julia Ollis.

Shannon Austin is a business major / real estate agent  with over 14 years of experience in business management and over 8 years in supplements, vitamins, health, diet and fitness.

Julia Ollis worked along side with Dr. Herb for over 27 years.  She self managed the store on Hwy 127 called Nature's Goodness. She has lots of experience in supplements, vitamins, health, and fitness. 

Feel free to call, stop by or email Shannon or Julia for a free discussion on how to get your health and wellness back on track.